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Is Your Website Showing a Google ‘Not Secure’ Warning?


How to Avoid the ‘Not Secure’ Warning in Google Results & Web Browsers

Earlier in 2017 Google announced it would begin detecting certain web pages not protected by SSL encryption and marking them as ‘Not Secure’ in the search results and also in the address bar on their Chrome browser. This is due to start rolling out in October 2017 so it’s crucial to start preparing your website to avoid any damaging trust issues this can cause with your website visitors and also prevent ranking drops in Google search results.

What is SSL Encryption?

Simply put SSL (Secure Socket Layers) encrypts all data sent between your website and your customer’s web browser. This means it’s highly secure and cannot be intercepted and read by any other third party.


  1. Secure: When your website has an SSL Certificate installed it will show https rather than http at the beginning of the URL in the address bar of your browser. Depending on the browser, this may also be accompanied by a green padlock symbol, as in Google Chrome
  2. Info or Not Secure: Up until now Chrome has been marking sites with no SSL Certificate installed with an info circle, as in example 2 in the image (left)
  3. Not Secure or Dangerous: Google Chrome will be moving to mark all non-SSL web pages with a red triangle ‘Not secure’ warning, as per example 3 in the image (left)


Why Do You Need an SSL Certificate?



Increase Visitor Trust, Enquiries & Sales

Any warnings about security are a big factor for users in deciding whether to visit your website and in choosing your products or services.

Click through rates from the search results to your website can be massively negatively impacted by a security warning message, while a badge of security trust can see a big increase in visitors and conversion rates.

Increase Your Google Rankings

A few years ago Google announced a boost in rankings for sites that have an SSL Certificate over those that don’t. This is in line with Google’s policy of encouraging site owners to do everything they can to make websites a secure and trustworthy experience for their users.

Moreover, in the same way that Google now mark search results with a ‘Mobile-friendly’ or ‘Not Mobile-friendly’ notice on mobile devices, they will soon begin marking listings with ‘Secure’ or ‘Not secure’ warnings as well.

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