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The term SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. In it’s most elementary sense, it is the key process that will help your company’s website stand out from the crowd. When used effectively, SEO will improve your visibility on crucial online platforms. In turn, this will lead to increased traffic and bigger sales figures.

With over one billion active websites in existence, gaining a strong presence is vital. Most consumers will regularly turn to Google and other search engines when starting their web searches. In truth, gaining a strong foothold on this market is imperative to any digital business. Mastering SEO is the only way to achieve that aim.

In contrast to other digital marketing strategies, it is an organic method. Perfecting your SEO won’t only give the company a short-term boost. More importantly, it will provide a lasting impact on your web presence.

The inner workings of those strategies can become quite complicated. But the most important factor is that you realise just how crucial smarter SEO is to your business.

We Keep it Simple

Our approach allows us to focus time and expertise the solution you need. This means we can offer;

Affordable quality – Only pay for what you need. We won’t artificially increase costs by selling you features you don’t need!

Fast turnaround time – Cutting the extras means that we can deliver your website in only 1 weeks after receiving all required information

Easy, Stress-Free Process

We’ll listen to you closely to understand your business and the goals of your website

We are based in Perth giving you the confidence and ease of dealing with a local business

Single point of contact – You will deal with the same person through the project

We are friendly & helpful – We’ll be happy to discuss issues and offer advice throughout the process

Lord design

Fair & Transparent Terms

No hidden fees

No lock-in contracts 

No proprietary software – We use only Open Source, widely-used software and coding languages. This means we won’t trap you into staying with us by using technology that others cannot manipulate, as many other Web Design companies do!

Excellent Customer Support

Personal training on self-managing your website content

Ongoing backup support gives you peace of mind

Fast responses to queries and questions

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